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02.06.2003 - 02.07.2003
OptIPuter Meeting
La Jolla, CA

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Attendee List
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Welcome and Introductions

Larry Smarr, Cal-(IT)2 , UCSD
[PowerPoint] (11,802 KB)

Geoscience Application Technical Requirements; Geoscience OptIPuter Update

Graham Kent, SIO, UCSD
[PowerPoint] (20,335 KB)
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Bioscience Application Technical Requirements; Bioscience OptIPuter Update

Mark Ellisman, Tomas Molina, Hiroyuki Hakozaki, David Lee, NCMIR, UCSD
[PowerPoint]Ellisman (29,609 KB)
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[PowerPoint]Hakozaki (2,252 KB)
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[PowerPoint]Lee (2,005 KB)

Education and Outreach at Preuss School and Sixth College

Rozeanne Steckler, SDSC, UCSD
[PowerPoint] (986 KB)

Education and Outreach at Lincoln Elementary

Tom Moher, EVL, UIC
[PowerPoint] (5,629 KB)

Network Infrastructure and “Mod 1” Hardware (Chicago/Amsterdam)

Tom DeFanti, EVL, UIC; Joe Mambretti, iCAIR, NU; Cees de Laat, UvA
[PowerPoint] (7,322 KB)

Network Infrastructure and “Mod 0” Hardware (SoCal)

Greg Hidley, Cal-(IT)2, UCSD; Phil Papadopoulos, SDSC, Cal-(IT)2 , UCSD
[PowerPoint]Hidley (4,292 KB)
[PowerPoint]Papadopoulos (1,922 KB)


Bob Grossman, LAC, UIC; Chaitin Baru, SDSC, UCSD; Padhraic Smyth, UCI
[PowerPoint]Grossman (1,192 KB)
[PowerPoint]Smyth (1,534 KB)

Software Systems Architecture

Andrew Chien, UCSD
[PowerPoint] (6,742 KB)

Real-Time Middleware

Kane Kim, UCI
[PowerPoint] (1,146 KB)

Security and Monitoring

Michael Goodrich, UCI; Sid Karin, UCSD
[PowerPoint] (425 KB)

System Performance Monitoring and Response

Valerie Taylor, TAMU (presented by Joe Mambretti, iCAIR, NU)
[PowerPoint] (84 KB)

LambdaGrid Middleware Architecture (XCP)

Joe Bannister, Carl Kesselman, Marcus Thiebaux, Aaron Falk, ISI, USC
[PowerPoint] (337 KB)

Optical Signaling (Intra-Domain)

Joe Mambretti, iCAIR, NU
[PowerPoint] (956 KB)

Optical Signaling (Inter-Domain)

Oliver Yu, EVL, UIC
[PowerPoint] (353 KB)


Jason Leigh, EVL, UIC
[PowerPoint]t (1,357 KB)

Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)

Cees de Laat, UvA
[PowerPoint] (294 KB)

Visualization/Collaboration for Geoscience

Eric Frost, SDSU; Mike Bailey, SDSC, UCSD
GeoFusion demo

Visualization/Collaboration Tools

Jason Leigh, EVL, UIC
[PowerPoint] (13,079 KB)

Visualization/Collaboration for Bioscience

David Lee, NCMIR, UCSD
GeoWall and 9Mpixel display demos