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connected with researchers at the Scripps
OptIPuter meeting connected with researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Mark Ellisman in front of the tile-display
Mark Ellisman in front of the tile-display

06.29.2004 - 06.30.2004
OptIPuter NSF Site Visit
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL

06.29.04 - 06.30.04
OptIPuter NSF Site Visit
Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL)
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
Chicago, IL


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Attendee List
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Application Demonstration Descriptions
* Wide-area Vol-a-Tile and JuxtaView Applications
* Terabyte Data Juggling and DVC Framework over the OptIPuter Network
* GVU: Grid-based Visualization Pipeline for OptIPuter cluster
* Trans-Pacific HDTV Feedback and Remote-Control Scenarios of Remote Instrumentation
* Application-controlled Lightpath Provisioning over Secure Multi-domain OptIPuter Environment
* JuxtaView/Vol-a-Tile at SIO and Visual Objects Distribution
* Online Brain Maps: Deposition, Distribution, and Visualization of Large-Scale Brain Maps in a Near-Real-Time Environment
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OptIPuter Overview
Larry Smarr, UCSD/Cal-(IT)²
[PowerPoint] (24 MB)

Visualization, Collaboration and Data Mining/Retrieval
Jason Leigh, UIC/EVL
[PowerPoint] (23.3 MB)
GeoScience/EarthScope/Oceanographic Application Driver
John Orcutt, UCSD/SIO
[PowerPoint] (8.1 MB)

System Software and Middleware
Andrew Chien, UCSD/CSAG
[PowerPoint] (2.5 MB)
SoCal Infrastructure
Phil Papadopoulos, UCSD/SDSC/Cal-(IT)²
[PowerPoint] (4.9 MB)
Chicago Infrastructure
Tom DeFanti, UIC/EVL
[PowerPoint] (6.3 MB)
Optical Architecture
Joe Mambretti, NU/iCAIR
[PowerPoint] (322 KB)
Education & Outreach
Larry Smarr, UCSD/Cal-(IT)²
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Bioinformatics/NCMIR/BIRN Application Driver
Mark Ellisman, UCSD/NCMIR
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