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3rd Annual Backplane (a.k.a. Network) Architecture Workshop
La Jolla, CA

3rd Annual Backplane (a.k.a. Network) Architecture Workshop

January 25; 8am – 5pm

UCSD Cal-(IT)2/Jacobs School of Engineering (JSOE) building EBU1
Collaborative Visualization Center (CVC), 6th floor, Room 6504
See buildings 600 on F6 of the campus map

Organizer: Joe Mambretti, Northwestern University/iCAIR

This Workshop is for OptIPuter research partners focused on optical networking control plane management only. Invitations will be sent to individuals who attended previous Backplane Workshops. For further information, contact Joe Mambretti 

[PDF Document] (104k)

Attendee List
[PDF Document] (76KB)


OptIPuter Middleware Software Implementation Plans
Andrew Chien, UCSD
[PowerPoint ] (5,513KB)    

Controlling Lightpaths To Empower Global Data Intensive Applications
Joe Mambretti, Northwestern University
[PowerPoint] (210KB)    

Application Demonstrations Related to OptIPuter Backplane
Jason Leigh, UIC
[PowerPoint] (4,555KB)    

OptIPuter AAA Module Implementation Plans
Cees De Laat, University of Amsterdam
[PowerPoint] (2,706KB)     

Optical Exchanges
Cees De Laat and Freek Dijkstra, University of Amsterdam
[PDF Document] (245KB)    

Performance Analysis and Monitoring of Vol-a-Tile
Xingfu Wu, Texas A&M University
[PowerPoint ] (1,331KB)    

High Performance Transport Protocols Implementation Plans (LambdaStream)
Eric He, UIC
[PowerPoint] (138KB)    

High Performance Transport Protocols Implementation Plans
Ryan Wu, UCSD
[PowerPoint] (410KB)    

Self –Healing Multi-Domain Multi-Services Backplane
Oliver Yu, UIC
[PowerPoint] (316KB)    

OptIPuter Backplane: Architecture, Research Plan, Distribution, Implementation Plan
Joe Mambretti, Northwestern University
[PowerPoint] (3,839KB)    

OptIPuter UCLP Implementation Plans
Bill St. Arnaud, CANARIE
[PowerPoint ] (1,352KB)    

OptIPuter Physical Testbed at UCSD, Extensions Beyond the Campus Border
Philip Papadopoulos, UCSD
[PowerPoint] (1,978KB)    

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