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Jason Leigh
Jason Leigh presenting the OptIPuter Data and Visualization Team report at the Open House.
OptIPuter discussions taking place during coffee breaks and lunches in the Calit2 lobby.

01.17.2006 - 01.20.2006
All Hands Meeting and Open House
4th Annual Backplane (a.k.a. Network) Architecture Workshop

Calit2 @ UCSD
La Jolla, CA

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The annual OptIPuter All Hands Meeting (AHM) consists of working meetings for funded and affiliate partners on Wednesday and Thursday, January 18-19, and a one-day “open house” on Friday, January 20, for anyone interested in learning more about the OptIPuter project. The AHM is preceded by the invitation-only Backplane Architecture Workshop, at which partners discuss OptIPuter optical networking control plane management.

4th Annual Backplane (a.k.a. Network) Architecture Workshop

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This Workshop is for OptIPuter research partners focused on optical networking control plane management. Organizer: Joe Mambretti, Northwestern University/iCAIR.

[Agenda] (PDF; 109KB)

[Attendee List ] (PDF; 77KB)


OptIPuter Middleware Software Implementation Plans
Progress on GT4 Integration
Nut Taesombut, UCSD
[PowerPoint] (5,594KB)

OptIPuter Distributed Optical Backplane Software Implementation Plans
Joe Mambretti, Northwestern University
[PowerPoint] (3,782KB)    

Status and Plans for EVL Software Components
Jason Leigh, EVL/UIC
[PowerPoint] (2,208KB)    
[Scenario PDF] (929KB)    

OptIPuter AAA Module Implementation Plans
Cees De Laat, University of Amsterdam
[PowerPoint] (5,500 KB)    

Measurements and Backplane Software
Xingfu Wu, Texas A&M University
[PowerPoint] (495KB)    

Components Related to High Performance Transport Protocols
Venkat Vishwanath, EVL/UIC
[PowerPoint] (232KB)    

Interdomain Signaling Implementation Plans
Recovery, Restoration Implementation Software
Oliver Yu, EVL/UIC
[PowerPoint] (311KB)    

OptIPuter UCLP Implementation Plans
Bill St. Arnaud, CANARIE
[PowerPoint] (1,249KB)    

OptIPuter 2006 Testbed Development
Philip Papadopoulos
[PowerPoint] (9,564KB)    

OptiGrid Plans
Larry Smarr
[PowerPoint] (177KB)
Tom DeFanti and Venkat Vishwanath
[PowerPoint] (235KB)    


OptIPuter All Hands Meeting and Open House

Wednesday-Friday, January 18-20, 2006

[Agenda  ](PDF; 174KB)

[Attendee List]


OptIPuter AHM 4th Year Review
Larry Smarr, Calit2
[PowerPoint] (1,539KB)    

UC Irvine OptIPuter Link
Dana Roode, UCI
[PowerPoint] (683KB)   

OptIPuter Scenario for 5-Layer Integrated Solutions to Data-Intensive Applications
Jason Leigh, EVL/UIC
[PDF] (929KB)    

OptIPuter Systems Software Status
Valerie Taylor, Texas A&M University
[PowerPoint ] (2,208KB)   

*Metro OptIPuter Backplane
Joe Mambretti, Northwestern University
[PowerPoint] (1,649KB)    

*Quartzite: On-Demand Light Pipes on Campus
Phil Papadopoulos, SDSC/Calit2
[PowerPoint] (1,251KB)    

*StarPlane and LightHouse
Cees de Laat, University of Amsterdam
[PowerPoint] (9,201KB)  


OptIPuter Overview
Larry Smarr, Calit2
[PowerPoint] (12,426KB)   
Frontier Advisory Board (FAB) Report
Joe Mambretti, Northwestern University
[PowerPoint] (1,528KB)    

Applications and Outreach OptIPuter Team
Steve Peltier, NCMIR/UCSD
Debi Kilb, SIO/UCSD
[PowerPoint] (41,999KB)    

Data, Visualization and Collaboration OptIPuter Team
Jason Leigh, EVL/UIC
[PowerPoint] (53,374KB)    

System Software OptIPuter Team
Eric Weigle, UCSD
[PowerPoint] (1,704KB)    

Networking; Hardware Infrastructure, Data Storage OptIPuter Team
Tom DeFanti, EVL/UIC and Calit2/UCSD
[PowerPoint] (5,590KB)    

OptIPuter Tech Transfer to the Broader e-Science Communities
Larry Smarr, Calit2
[PowerPoint] (6,632KB)    

Charlie Catlett, University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory
[PowerPoint] (4,486KB)    

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